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The idea of oncebuilder born in early 2012, but it took many years to get it released.

about OnceBuilder


Build with Twitter Bootstrap makes your site fully responsive on any new devices. The popular open source framework is developed around HTML5 and CSS3 techniques for constructing websites. You may include a series of alternate JavaScript files for advanced widgets like accordions, dropdown navigation, fixed content, and many others. The main advantage is precompiled code we try to use generated code instead of reading it from database.

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OnceBuilder is a Super Simple CMS

Developing and managing websites has never been easier and so fast. Made by lazy programer with love to code <3

Fully Responsive

With carefully thought-out design, Neue looks great on any device.

SEO friendly

Search engine users can easily find your information.

Easy to use

We made it simple to let everyone make their pages.

No limits

You can create and manage unlimited number of things.

Our services

Would you build your site with OnceBuilder. We can help transfer your design into OnceBuilder CMS, it gives you ability to mange your users, modify layout easly, mange your posts and much more.