OnceBuilder is a Super Simple CMS

Developing and managing websites has never been easier and so fast. Made by lazy programmer with love to code <3

Fully Responsive

With carefully thought-out design, Neue looks great on any device.

SEO friendly

Search engine users can easily find your information.

Easy to use

We made it simple to let everyone make their pages.

No limits

You can create and manage unlimited number of things.

Easy to install

Download source and get into your server directory.


Novice or advenced users can find their enhanced features.


You may change layout for each page as you want.

Lovely design

Made with AdminLTE template makes it feel lovely.

Multi languages

There is only one limit - 184 languages in our database.

Remote access

Update your site from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Page linking

System of easy page linking makes SEO friendly urls

Once plugins

We provide free plugins that help you customize your site.

Template system

We cares about all especialy for non-technical users

Manage everything

Mange projects, mange templates, mange everything!


Share your ideas and colobarate with others

Update anytime

Decide what should be changed and when.

Separated design

Manipulate content without fear of accidentally changing the design.

Shared resources .

Free access to shared resources, such as templates, plugins, snippets.

All in Once

Projects, templates, snippets and many more comming soon.

MIT Licence

Open source projects are better for colaborates.